Are you living with a long-term health condition?

We understand the varying and significant impact living with a long-term health condition can have on your quality of life. Here, you will find a range of organisations and services that can provide you with support and advice, as well as our own team who are ready to listen and help you with your concerns.

What are the links between long-term health conditions and mental health?

Research shows if you live with a physical illness, you are three to four times more likely to develop a mental illness than a member of the general population. Self-isolation, low self-esteem and stigma can lead to an increase in the likelihood of you developing depression and anxiety.

Getting support with your mental health

Charities such as Diabetes UK and Arthritis UK provide support and advice on improving your mental wellbeing. Mental Health screenings and discussions around support can take place in a hospital or clinic setting with your healthcare specialists.
IAPT offers support for adults diagnosed with long term health conditions and who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or stress.

5 ways to look after your mental health when coping with a long-term health condition

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