We understand that housing issues can arise and homelessness can take many forms, and being suitably housed is crucial for our mental health.  On this page, we offer a wide range of advice and support.

At the Croydon Health and Wellbeing Space, one of our support workers can have a chat with you about your housing concern to ensure you have taken the correct first steps to help manage the anxiety around the situation. Our support may come in many forms such as supporting you in completing Croydon Councils Homelessness Self-help tool, support to access services which help those at risk of homelessness, support to follow housing complaints procedures or signposting to access more specialist legal advice.

Are you currently rough sleeping?

If you are currently a rough sleeper or are concerned about someone who is, we offer advice on how to access emergency accommodation. We can also support you to complete a Streetlink referral, who work with Croydon Council to find appropriate accommodation for people.

Are you at risk of homelessness or eviction?

If you have been asked to leave your current accommodation, we offer support with understanding your accommodation rights as a tenant. We can also advise with completing the housing options self-help tool on the Croydon Council website.

Behind on rent payments or facing an eviction notice?

If you are struggling to pay rent or have received an eviction notice, we are here to help you understand your rights as a tenant. We also offer support with accessing hardship funds from various organisations.

Problems with your landlord or housing provider? Living in a property in poor state of repair?

We can provide advice on your legal rights and refer you to organisations who can provide specialist support or legal advice. We can offer support and advice with both privately rented properties and social housing.