Are you feeling down?

Have you noticed that you have been feeling low? We all feel this way from time to time, but if you feel like getting through each day is becoming a struggle, there are things you can try, as well as advice and techniques that may help. Below is information on depression and where you can get support.

What is depression?

Depression is a long-lasting low mood disorder. It affects your ability to do everyday things, feel pleasure or take interest in activities you were interested in before.
Depression may need long-term treatment, which may seem discouraging. The good news is that there are many different, evidence-based, effective treatments available.

Major depressive disorder

A condition where you feel persistently depressed in mood and experience long-term loss of pleasure or interest in life, often with other symptoms such as disturbed sleep, feelings of guilt or inadequacy, and suicidal thoughts. This is also known as clinical depression.

Persistent depressive disorder

You may be able to function in your everyday life. However, you will feel low and may experience symptoms similar to Major Depressive Disorder; but they won’t necessarily reach the same intensity. They will last continuously for a long time and have a negative impact on things such as relationships, school, work and other everyday activities.

Seasonal affective disorder

You feel low and experience other symptoms of depression that become more apparent and intensify during the winter months. The change in mood often starts when the seasons change, we are experiencing shorter days and getting less exposure to sunlight. There are numerous treatment options for it, including anti-depressants, light therapy, and psychotherapy/talking therapy.

5 steps to help when you're feeling down

Where can I find more advice and support?

Mind in Croydon

Mind in Croydon can offer support in lots of different areas, including mental health and wellbeing, employment training and education and housing and finance. The referral pathway is dependent on the service being accessed. Usually, they are done via a healthcare professional or through self-referral.

  • Telephone: 020 8668 2210
  • Email:
Hear Us

Hear Us is a mental health service user group, which ensure service users are involved with the planning, delivery and monitoring of mental health services in Croydon. This is to improve the quality of mental health services people can access in Croydon.

  • Telephone: 020 8681 6888
  • Email:
Croydon Talking Therapies (SLaM)

Croydon Talking Therapies is a free and confidential service for adults who are registered with a Croydon GP, who would like to improve how they feel and sleep better. You can self-refer by filling in the online referral form or calling the service.

  • Telephone: 0203 228 4040
Off The Record

Off The Record are a counselling service for young people, aged 14-25 who live work or study in Croydon. They offer face to face sessions, as well as a texting service and online seminars. There is also a refugee service for people aged 11-25. People who want to access their services should do this through self-referral.

  • Telephone: 020 8251 0251
  • Email:

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